The Professional Project Executive (PPE™) Certificate Program

A Practical Certificate Program for Experienced Project Managers

Every course in our catalog brings practicing project managers one-step closer to being recognized as a Professional Project Executive (PPE) while earning valuable recertification credit for professional designations. Convenient and affordable, the Professional Project Executive Program provides an opportunity to expand your skills as you work toward PPE Certificate at the same time that you earn PDU credit for a professional designation earned by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®. Professionals that are recognized by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)® can earn 35 CDUs while working toward the PPE Certificate from Prodevia Learning.

Designed to complement existing process-centric PM certifications, the Professional Project Executive Certificate reflects a commitment to developing the practical and critical skills required to manage a project successfully. The experience gained through the PPE Program provides balance to hard-earned PM certifications that focus more on process than practical application. The skills developed through the PPE Program are globally recognized and applicable across industries.

The Professional Project Executive curriculum has been developed by bringing together respected thought leaders in the industry; practitioners that are recognized as the experts and founders of their specific disciplines.  Prodevia Learning is the only provider that offers these exclusive courses on your schedule and without the financial or schedule strain of traveling to attend on-site seminars and conferences.  Earn more and learn more with the Professional Project Executive Certificate Program from Prodevia Learning.

How to Earn Your Professional Project Executive (PPE) Certificate

Requirements are simple; complete any combination of 120 credit hours from our catalog to earn your Professional Project Executive Certificate.  Choose the courses that fit your professional development goals through our diverse course catalog.  The 120 hours required to earn the PPE represents the equivalent of a three-week, full-time educational program of study from trusted experts within the project management community of practice.

The PPE curriculum remains current and relevant through the addition of new courses by best-selling authors and leading industry experts to address the growth and advancement of the project management practice.

Be a better project manager, starting today!