Tips for Building a Powerful Career


Do you know what your career journey looks like? It can be difficult to look forward into the future and consider how your profession might develop in five or ten years from now. But, without an action plan, you could find yourself at the mercy of the waves of external influences! Instead, you will be much happier and satisfied with your career if you chart your own path with a career plan, making conscious adjustments just as you would on any adaptive project! This workshop will tackle the common pain points that many face through their job seeking and career planning journeys and advise on how to overcome those obstacles!

This workshop is superb for junior to middle management career professionals.

  • Discuss developing a mindset that will allow you to think both forwardly and adaptively about your career!
  • Define a simple, practical plan that will uniquely benefit your personal career path
  • Explain when and how to make adjustments to your individual plan