The Project Professional’s Toolkit

There are many tools and techniques that project professionals can use to make their projects run more smoothly. The Project Professional Toolkit contains the 100 most used tools for project success. The Project Professional’s Toolkit is designed to introduce those options with the relevant detail you need to determine what new ideas and methods you can leverage for your projects!



The Project Professional Toolkit is broken down into the following sections to make finding a tool or method easy and quick:

  • Section I – General Tools for the Project Leader and Team
  • Section II – Project Process Tools and Templates
  • Section III – The Project Management Plan and its Subsidiary Plans
  • Section IV – Agile Concepts, Tools, and Techniques

With The Project Professional’s Toolkit you can:

  • Better understand the various tools and techniques that are most often utilized in both traditional, predictive environments as well as adaptive, agile organizations
  • Quickly identify tool and technique opportunities that you may not have already leveraged for your existing project initiatives
  • Expand your existing understanding of Agile environments and the tools that are typically used within those projects
  • Prepare more effectively for the key concepts that you will likely find on multiple project management certification examinations