Creative Leadership for Project Teams

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20 PDUs – PMI Category A / 0 Technical, 20 Leadership, 0 Strategic

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A project that spends its life in a bad mood because project stakeholders are unhappy is a project in trouble – one running on empty of motivation, innovation, trust, and confidence. These emotion-driven qualities are rooted in the right-brain and serve as the lifeblood for succeeding on what Michael Aucoin calls “stretch projects.”

Creative Leadership for Project Teams is grounded in real-world knowledge and experience – straight from the project street. This course will provide you extensive references to research and the experiences of project managers who use right-brain approaches successfully on a regular basis in their work.

Course Credit: 20 PMI PDUs upon course completion. Category A / 0 Technical, 20 Leadership, 0 Strategic.

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Creative Leadership for Project Teams defines how to successfully utilize right-brain leadership approaches with traditional left-brain project management techniques to arrive at project success.

B. Michael Aucoin, D.Engr., PE, PMP and a recipient of a Third Millennium Medal from the IEEE guides you through a study of several projects that performed phenomenally because they made use of right-brain ingredients. This course also highlights great techniques for accessing powerful right-brain capabilities with a “Right-Brain Toolkit” feature.

Creative Leadership for Project Teams can help you:

  •  Progress away from impulsive behaviors in your professional life
  •  Tolerate ambiguity, foster emotional interdependence and transcend conflict
  •  Develop essential practices and techniques that will allow your right-brain to thrive
  •  Recognize challenges as an opportunity for character development and courage-building
  •  Utilize right-brain techniques to more successfully engage with project stakeholders at all levels

Creative Leadership for Project Teams self-paced distance learning format includes:

  •  Applicable examples that demonstrate the practice of right-brain leadership within projects
  •  Practical content review questions with fully explained answers
  • An easy to use participant guide and course on CD
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 instructor interaction
  • And much more…

Project Management Professionals (PMP)® earn 20 Category A PDUs upon Right-Brain Leadership for Projects course completion.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course the student will be able to:

  • Discuss the current landscape of project management
  • Describe how people develop patterns of thinking and attitudes as well as how this has a profound effect on the management of projects
  • List what truly motivates people to overcome obstacles which stand in the way of their objectives
  • Explain eight principles of right-brain project management as well as how to implement them within the context of the contemporary project environment

Testimonials from this course:

“Michael Aucoin provided 18 modules of powerful, thought-provoking examples that pulled you in with ‘The Great Escape’ and kept your interest right to the end and ‘Becoming a Hero.’ Excellent course – I highly recomend it!”
-Creative Leadership for Project Teams
Marilyn Walck, PMP

“The course is definitely one that will appeal to experienced more success. I liked the structure of the course and the evolution from the basic principles the author wants to convey to the details of how to handle specific incidents. The material was well written.”
-Creative Leadership for Project Teams
Dee Rizor, PMP

“It reinforced my sense that Project Management is not just for software or technology projects. I found great value in doing things using good judgement rather than ‘step 1-2-3’ type management.”
-Creative Leadership for Project Teams
Anne Dolan, MBA, PMP

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20 PDUs – PMI Category A / 0 Technical, 20 Leadership, 0 Strategic

Start Date

New students may begin right now!


PMI Global Registered Education Provider