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Managing Complex Projects

Consultant and author Kathleen (Kitty) Hass, PMP, provides the insight for difficult projects by treating them as complex adaptive systems that are themselves part of an even larger complex system, the global economy. To succeed, complex projects must follow an approach that involves complexity thinking, which she describes in terms of complexity theory. The result is the new Project Complexity Model that can be used as the framework for determining the approach needed to manage a project based on the level of complexity involved.

Managing Complex Projects provides a framework for diagnosing complexity on a wide variety of projects, ranging from small, independent, short projects; through large, highly complex longer projects. The model guides the project manager through a three-step process. Detailed suggestions are provided for completing each of these steps to meet specific needs.

Managing Complex Projects can help you:

  •  Analyze the factors that contribute to your project’s complexity
  •  Diagnose the complexity profile of your various projects
  •  Ensure the appropriate project leader is assigned and the appropriate project cycle is selected
  •  Implement an appropriate management approach for the complexity dimensions involved
  •  Implement specific techniques to reduce the impact of each complexity dimension for your complex initiative

Managing Complex Projects self-paced distance learning format includes:

  •  Applicable examples demonstrating the utilization of the Project Complexity Model
  •  Practical and relevant tools and templates that are customizable for individual projects
  •  Practical content review questions demonstrating application of course concepts with fully-explained answers
  • An easy to use participant guide
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 instructor interaction
  • And much more…

Project Management Professionals (PMP)® earn 25 Category A PDUs upon course completion.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course the student will be able to:

  • Discuss methods to advance one’s capability to successfully plan, execute, and deliver complex projects
  • List appropriate management strategies to minimize the effects of the complexity dimensions that are present on your project
  • Utilize the groundbreaking Project Complexity Model 2.0 to diagnose the complexity of your projects
  • Discuss how complex project management complements conventional project management
  • Define what is meant by the concept of complexity thinking in the world of business
  • Explain why the journey to complex project management is happening now, early in the 21st century

Credit:  Project Management Professionals (PMP®) earn 20 PMI PDUs upon course completion. Category A / 9 Technical, 8 Leadership, 8 Strategic.


Cultural Intelligence

Cultural intelligence is a critical skill in surviving and thriving in today’s global environment. In this course we apply cultural intelligence broadly to people’s interactions not just in organizations but in their daily lives and focus on how to develop this critical ability.
With Cultural Intelligence you can:

  • Develop the reputation for having a strong cultural IQ in your organization
  • Encourage cultural IQ development in your project teams and stakeholder groups
  • Institute practices that promote cultural intelligence
  • Uncover your existing cultural intelligence abilities and also opportunities to strengthen your personal cultural IQ

Sample Topics: Globalization, Intercultural Differences, Cultural Knowledge, Mindfulness and Cross-Cultural Skills, Decision-Making across Cultures, Communicating and Negotiations across Cultures, Leading Teams across Cultures, Multi-Cultural Teams, Cultural Intelligence

Cultural Intelligence self-paced distance learning format includes:

  • Real-world examples to demonstrate implementation of course concepts
  • Comprehensive review questions for each chapter with fully-explained answers
  • An easy to use course guide
  • SFCQ cultural intelligence assessment tool
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 instructor interaction
  • And much more…

Credit:  Project Management Professionals (PMP®) earn 25 PMI PDUs upon course completion. Category A / 0 Technical, 20 Leadership, 0 Strategic.

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45 PMI Approved PDUs – 20 Technical, 10 Leadership, 15 Strategic

Start Date

New students may begin right now!


PMI® Premier Authorized Training Partner