How to be a Great Project Leader

May 16, 2023 | 10am-11:30am

1.5-hour workshop plus Unlimited Courses
$996 for 12 Month Unlimited Access

$99 - single workshop enrollment

Learn the Keys to Amazing Project Leadership!

If you want to make project management a long-term career, it’s important that you can set yourself apart from the many good, solid project managers also available in the resource pool. Do you know the secrets of being not just a good project leader, but an amazing one? This workshop will give you the keys you need to accelerate your performance as well as your visibility inside your organization and with your clients!

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the keys to greatness in project leadership that will help you quickly advance your career
  • Discover the methods for becoming the project leader that stakeholders want to work with
  • Create an action plan for beginning your professional transformation journey into project leadership excellence

Meet Your Instructor: Kelly Mauldin

Kelly Mauldin is a seasoned project professional with over 30 years of experience ranging from project management for telecommunications, business development, and methodology implementations. She is also a curriculum developer, trainer, and advisor for project management methods and best practices. Kelly holds a Master of Project Management degree and a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Kelly’s focus is on helping project professionals “fill in the gaps” of their expertise, centering on exceptional execution of project management as well as ways to comprehensively engage stakeholders using people skills that emphasize strong engagement, transparency, and expectations. Kelly believes that project management is a professional calling and a stewardship, and she is committed to helping others achieve excellence in the remarkable discipline of professional project work.