Professional Project Executive Certificate Program

Take Your Career to the Executive Level

Earning a globally recognized certification from the Project Management Institute is the foundation for most project professionals.

After passing a certification exam, it is critically important to demonstrate a dedication to the on-going development of your professional skills – not only to maintain the certification you’ve earned – but to demonstrate verifiable training and prove marketable skills in an evolving business environment.

Be proud of your commitment to learning, and build upon the experience and certifications you’ve worked so hard to earn with Prodevia Learning’s Professional Project Executive Certificate Program!

  • 120 Professional Development Hours

  • 240 Professional Development Hours

  • 360 Professional Development Hours

  • 500 Professional Development Hours

Earners of the Prodevia Learning Professional Project Executive Certificate have demonstrated a commitment to the ongoing professional development of business leaders and project professionals through the completion of training, among a variety of topics including leadership, technical skills and business strategy.

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