Project Managers know that they’re in charge of their own skill set. If you’re working toward getting your Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification, or renewing it, you need to find quality training that gives you recognized credits and makes you more effective on the job. Up-to-date, relevant, quality training is essential to your career success. That’s why you should look for a company that provides more than just courses. When you find the right provider, you can build a training relationship.

“You’re looking for a company that gives you what you need when you need it, and it may take a while to find the right fit, said Ken Mauldin of Prodevia Learning. “It’s a little like looking for your car keys or your cell phone; when you find them, you can quit looking and move on to more important things.”

Finding the right training provider, Mauldin says, starts with making sure they’re a PMI® (Project Management Institute) authorized partner. That means you’ll get high-quality PMP prep exam course content and classes taught by qualified professionals.

You’ll also want to know that your training provider will be there when you have questions. Mauldin says he gets calls from prospective students every week. “I hear it all the time,” he says. “I just called to see if there was actually someone there who would pick up the phone.’ We do. We believe in providing technical support and content support. If a student has a question about something in the course, they can get their question answered by subject matter experts.” Prodevia staff will also help with recommendations for what course to take next based on your background and skill set.

You’ll also want to know that the company will be around in the future. Prodevia Learning has been in business since 2003, and they plan to be around for another couple of decades. “Once you find training that’s high quality and a good fit for you, you’ll want to know you can come back year after year to get the credits you need,” says Mauldin. “Longevity matters.”

Let’s face it, there is a lot of material available for PDU credits. It takes time to sort through the title and content to find courses that are relevant for you. Ease of use matters too. Although Prodevia Learning is adding more and more video courses, they find that many project managers appreciate the simplicity of PDF course materials. They value the quality of content over design and look for real-world application rather than generalized theory delivered in a flashy format.

Busy project managers don’t want to spend a lot of time finding quality content year after year. When you find the right training partner, you can focus on learning and redeploy your energy on more productive things. Students want reliable quality and ease of access. “That’s why over 70% of our students come back to us for certification credits,” says Mauldin. We’re proud of that statistic.”

Prodevia’s partnership with Credly allows students to acquire digital badges that make it easy to add a verifiable credential to your LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, or Twitter account to validate your professional and technical expertise with potential customers, employers, and your network.

Prodevia also allows students to carry credits over to be used in the future; credits don’t have expiration dates. Mauldin tells the story of a project manager who found a course guide she hadn’t completed and forgotten about until she moved. The course guide was purchased seven years ago, but it was still being offered, so Prodevia honored their commitment and allowed her to use the credits for the current version of the course.

That’s the power of a true training relationship.

Prodevia Learning

About Prodevia Learning:

Since 2003, Prodevia Learning has provided effective PMI PDU online courses that are PMI-approved for PDU credit at a fraction of the cost of instructor-led online training and project management conferences. The on-demand, self-paced online courses are based on titles from best-selling authors and recognized industry experts. There is unlimited instructor support and there are never deadlines for course completion. These unique PDU online courses are designed to help experienced and competent project managers grow into exceptional project managers respected by their peers.